1. Mary Berwick

    Lovely to see your smiling face, Brenda .! Hope you all had aHappy Easter. We are staying home and following State regulation on quarantine and self-distancing if we have to go out. Brian wears a cloth mask when he goes to the grocery store . Restaurants and churches closed… and no sports events or large gatherings. Strange and rather frightening times! Do tell how you are managing. We had hoped to welcome Jane last month,but air travel seemed foolish. The New York Times today writes frankly about a time line of several months before a vaccine is developed and even two years!! before the end of the pandemic!?? Hard to wrap one’s mind around it…


  2. Christine S. Meyer

    Dear Brenda I‘ve got your wonderful painting lesson. Thanks a lot! It has made me happy. I remembered Pim and the hangar. We had to give up for the time being to come to Ireland, these days we would have started. But we find another time. Stay at home die to Corona has changed totally our lifes During Winter time we were on the canary island La Palma, we got just back on 1st of March, just before Corona Lockdown. We are still healthy. I want to start again with paintings owing to seeing your videos I‘m happy that we have a garden and are emprisoned in a flat. We are waiting for the time to travel again and we can plan to come to Ireland looking forward to see you both again

    Love & hugs & kisses Christine



  3. Mary Berwick

    Did you get my response,Brenda? I am liable to make mistakes in the digital world.! All well here,self distancing and in quarantine . Love to all….Mary


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