My 3 Step Sketching Process

My simple 15  minute “3 Step Sketch” technique!

Walking in the Parco Termale Montecatini, Tuscany on a rainy November day, the medieval hilltop village of Montecatini Alto appeared in the distance. The Autumn trees shining gold and olive green under a clearing sky.


STEP 1  (5 minutes)  With just a few minutes to record the colour and light, I start with a light pen outline


STEP 2  (5 minutes)   A loose colour wash

STEP 3  (5 minutes)  To finish, some “punch up” details in pen to strengthen the image and pull it together. Add a line or two to describe the scene and make it all the more memorable


The important thing is to keep it fresh and simple, just a quick impression. Some of the nicest sketches are those that we do with minimal effort in a short time!

One Comment

  1. Thanks for showing us your “3-Step Sketching Process” as it always helps to see how others have managed their process for quick sketches.


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