Acrŷlic on board  30 x 30 cm

Torrent: Acrylic on board
30 x 30 cm

After torrential rainstorms on Tuesday, today is bright and clear, and the roads open after flooding and fallen trees. The river at Gorges du Loup is a swollen torrent of rushing foam. I’m the only person there, drenched in the spray. This is my favourite subject to paint, the crash and clash of water on rock, fluid motion meeting solid mass.


Gorges du Loup

At home I start a quick study in acrylic, wanting to catch some of the energy and drama of the original scene. My first marks are a simple outline of the main shapes, focusing on the dynamic pattern of diagonal direction lines. The painting follows, using a palette knife and rough, loose strokes, a quick impression of surging water and jagged rock.


First marks

5 Responses to “Painting the Gorges du Loup”

  1. Suzanne O'Connell

    Brenda, your paintings are an extension of your inner soul – full of purity, light, generosity and vision! Stunning work and thank you for sharing so much with us all! ‘The scent lingers on the hand that giveth the rose’!! xx Suzanne


    • brendamalley

      What a beautiful tribute Suzanne. I’m very moved. It is always a pleasure to share the creative journey with my friends and fellow artists. Xx



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